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Calman Technology, founded in 1992, is a leading designer and manufacturer of membrane keypads, graphic overlays, and label products, operating across the UK and Europe. In March 2023, Calman was acquired by Interlink Electronics, a world-leading provider of sensors and printed electronic solutions that support a wide range of applications, including Human-Machine Interface (“HMI”) devices and Internet-of-Things (“IoT”) solutions, utilizing our expertise in materials science, manufacturing, firmware, and software to produce in-house system solutions for custom specifications.

At Calman we are customer-focused and flexible. We offer fast turnaround and are efficient and competitive. Continued product and process development allows us to provide low tooling and set-up charges through the use of CNC cutting and digital printing.

Design support is central to every project we complete, whether it’s a graphic overlay or a membrane keypad and whether it’s small batch production or high volume. The initial enquiry is where design support should begin and that’s where the team at Calman start looking for opportunities to help our clients get the best out of their product. We aim to ensure that every client has the opportunity to take advantage of our design experience and lean manufacturing. Take advantage of our CNC and digital print capability to enhance your product and reduce tooling costs.

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