Rating Labels to Product Badges

From small simple two colour labels or decals to large intricately shaped multi-coloured labels with varied surface finishes, lots of options are available in materials and adhesives. Calman labels are durable parts intended for the whole life of the host product. They use industrial grade adhesives matched to the material of the product they are to be bonded to. With CNC cutting, complex shapes are possible without recourse to hard tooling. In small and large volume it can be an advantage to have labels supplied in sets, perhaps kiss-cut on sheets. Where a membrane keypad or graphic overlay is required on a product, associated labels can be manufactured simultaneously ensuring consistent colours and finishes.

  • Information/Rating labels
  • Barcode & QR coded labels
  • Product Badges
  • Label sets


Whereas in the past many labels would have had “write-on” pads or insert pockets for serial numbering, nowadays this can be integral to the label through digital printing in the form of numbers; barcodes and QR codes.

As labels or decals are used to communicate information the addition of photographic images through digital printing can enhance functionality as well as appearance. Colour matching and colour consistency are important in labelling so whether a product is digitally printed or screen printed we set a very high standard, often ensuring a match to membrane keypads or graphic overlays. 

  • Screen print
  • Digital print
  • Hybrid print
  • Metallics

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