Endless Design Options

We often think we’ve made every sort of membrane keypad imaginable but then a client comes along with a new set of requirements. From simple small non-tactile membrane switch panels to large, feature rich, membrane keyboards in complex assemblies, we can provide the solution required. The key factor in achieving a successful design is an early dialogue. The membrane keypad should be considered at the same time as the electronics and enclosure of a product, not late in the design process after these other elements are firmly established. Considering the membrane keypad design at an early stage can reduce the total cost of the product.

  • Early dialogue
  • Design support
  • Size restrictions
  • Manufacturability

Switch Types

Membrane keypads can have non-tactile, metal dome tactile and polydome tactile keys or buttons. And a combination of different tactile effects and forces can be combined in one membrane keypad product. The same is true for embossing where membrane keypads can combine pillow, rim or dome embossing with flat non-embossed keys. Different sizes and shape of embossing can also be combined, even logos can be embossed.

  • Metal Dome – stainless, nickel, gold
  • Polydome Tactile – graphic circuit
  • Pillow Emboss – shapes, size
  • Operating Force
  • Switch size

Surface Finishes

UV cure surface textures and glosses can be applied to further enhance the appearance and functionality of membrane keypads. At its simplest this means being able to have a glass clear window on an otherwise textured membrane keypad but it also means other features such as buttons, logos or simply graphic patterns can be enhanced with selective textures. Gloss enhances clarity for displays while anti-glare and matte conceal fingerprints.In certain applications an anti-microbial finish may enhance product performance.

  • Visual Enhancement
  • Perceived Value
  • Gloss, Anti-glare, Matt, Brushed Steel
  • Patterns. Logos

Graphic Printing

Until recently membrane keypad graphics were exclusively screen-printed in order to achieve the ink adhesion and flex life required of the product. This created a limit on what could be achieved visually. But now the design freedom offered by digital printing can be applied in membrane keypad manufacture and the opportunities to enhance the  perceived value of your product are almost limitless. Combining screen and digital printing offers the best of both worlds. While additionally, digital printing provides an environmental benefit through the elimination of solvents.

  • Screen Print
  • Digital Print
  • Hybrid Print
  • Colour Match


Using a membrane keypad can mean the switch circuit moves from the interior of the product to the outer surface. This may mean the switch circuit needs to be shielded. In the same way leds can be shifted from a PCB inside the device to the membrane keypad . This can allow the PCB to be significantly reduced in size which can result in a cost benefit. Other components can be treated in the same way where appropriate. Clients taking this approach have led to an increase in membrane keyboard complexity as more functionality is fitted into a given space.

  • I.P. Rating
  • Shielding
  • Integral Leds
  • Silver/Polyester Circuit
  • Copper/Polyimide circuit

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