Initial Enquiry

An early dialogue can be the key element in achieving a successful and cost effective product. We have a wealth of experience to apply for our clients from over twenty five years of design and manufacture of membrane keypads, graphic overlays and labels. Whether we receive a detailed drawing, a sample part or just a brief description we aim to provide as precise a quotation as possible. We’re already applying design support to the project when we prepare the first quotation, it’s an opportunity to consider all the features and options available.

  • Early Dialogue
  • Expertise
  • Precise Quote
  • Prompt response

Design Approval

When an order is placed we can begin the detail design of the product and this is when a more in-depth dialogue can take place. At Calman we always generate design approval drawings. We receive widely varying product definitions, from sketches , samples and descriptions to lengthy and detailed specification documents. We convert these to a standard format. Once approved, the drawings become the manufacturing control document and follow the parts through the factory.

The fact that we produce drawings precisely defining the part can save time and effort for our clients who can often simply provide enclosure and display data sheets and a company logo or colour scheme.

  • Full Design support
  • Digital Proofing
  • Colour Matching
  • Material Selection

Prototype / Development

Although simple label and graphic overlay products may not need a prototype build, it can be a vital proving stage in more complex products like membrane keypads and printed electronics. We can provide a service we call “dry-build” during the prototype stage. This entails us producing a part in the appropriate materials using the project’s CNC cut files to produce what is in essence an accurate space model. It isn’t a printed, functioning part so isn’t expensive but it provides an added opportunity to check off sizes and alignment.

If the client is able to provide the mating part for the label, graphic overlay or membrane keypad Calman can carry out a “cut-to-fit” service. This is a process where we can adjust our CNC cut files to ensure a good fit.

In addition to a fully manufactured prototype membrane keypad we can produce a functioning part without a printed graphic, another lower cost option.

  • CNC Cutting
  • Digital Print
  • Dry-build
  • Cut-to-fit
  • Functional Part
  • Full Prototype


As a manufacturer producing multiple customised products, we depend on a tightly managed documentation and process control system. ISO 9001 is an essential element in this, allowing us to achieve short lead-times whether large or small volume.

CNC cutting and digital and hybrid printing are a great benefit for prototype and low volume production but they are features of our facility that also allow us to be a lean, efficient and flexible volume manufacturer. Although membrane keypad manufacture takes longer than label manufacture, we always communicate a lead-time we can achieve then endeavour to beat it rather than promise a shorter delivery then let our clients down.

  • Lean Manufacture
  • Flexibility
  • Short Lead-times
  • Low Tooling

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